Worm Hunting

Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00
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Spring is here!!
And the garden is calling!
I'm spending my mornings digging in the dirt, preparing the ground and planting seed!  When you're digging in the dirt you may find earth worms.  That is good!!  I am so happy to have so many around here!
One day after we had got some rain I went out for a morning walk, then I noticed worms on the side walks and my plans changed!  I decided I would go worm hunting!
I took a plastic container and made my way through the neighborhood collecting lots of earth worms!
I was able to later add them to my container garden.  You see, earth worms make gold dust for my garden,
they enrich the soil, and that makes my plants grow better!!!
They break down leaves and grass into stuff that your plants can use and their castings are a very valuable fertilizer!
Go earthworm!