The Sunniest Flowers

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Just the name sounds happy!
They love the sun (obviously), and the bees love them.  We want our bees to be happy since they pollinate our garden plants.
I planted these happy flowers this year in our garden and they have been a delight!
Did you know that you can actually harvest your own sunflower seeds to eat?!
And what a great project for the kiddos!
The kids could also measure the growing flower stalk and watch it grow taller than themselves!
Just make sure that you use non- GMO seed to grow your flowers.  
Plant them in the spring, following the instructions on the seed packet.
If you are the adventurous type and want to eat your own homegrown sunflower seeds then check out this link on how to harvest the seeds!
In the meantime enjoy your sunny flowers!
Sunflowers can be used for many different things.
The petals can be used to make dye,
the roots can be made into a poultice and used on snake and spider bites!
The stems can be burned when firewood is scarce.  The leaves can be made into a tea and used to treat diarrhea, lung ailments, and fevers!

For some great recipes featuring sunflower seeds, check out our videos, Sunflower Granola (episode 26) and also Kettle Seeds (episode 25) for some tasty treats!

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