The Dandy Dandelion

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Those pesky weeds that pop up all over our lawns are good to eat?
I like to say, "If you can't beat them, eat them!"
The leaves, flowers, and roots are all edible.
In the spring the leaves can be used in salad.  The flower heads can be thrown in a salad or you can make dandelion fritters!  Daniel and I made a pancake with dandelion flowers!  He thought that it was so good that he wanted to go out and collect more flowers!  There is nothing like getting kids involved in a fun learning process to get them excited about eating healthier!  As the summer progresses the leaves become more bitter and more medicinal.
Dandelion root can be dried and used as a coffee substitute.  
Dandelion is high in iron and vitamin A.  You can use it to make an iron infusion.  Boosting your iron is especially important if you are pregnant!  
Below is a video excerpt from Making Babies to show you how to make your own iron infusion with dandelion.

Dandelion also contains a lot of minerals!
The dandelion plant is rich in calcium, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.  It is a good source of B complex vitamins!
Dandelion is good for the kidneys, liver, and digestion!
Ever heard of those nasty free radicals in our bodies?  Well the dandelion proves its worth again and comes to the rescue, rich with antioxidants to prevent those free radicals from aging our bodies.  
So find some dandelions ( that have not been sprayed by poisonous pesticides) and give yourself some immune boosting goodness!

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