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There is nothing like herbs and spices to flavor your ho-hum, run of the mill dishes.  Plain brown rice can be spiced up with cumin, cayenne, onions, garlic and olive oil, or rosemary, butter and pepper for a completely different flavor!  
So here are some quick ideas for how to take the bland and make it into grand!

Basil: Can be used to make basil butter (it will beg to be served with gluten-free French bread),
Use basil in tomato sauce, in soup, with pasta, in salads and of course let it shine in basil oil.

Bay Leaves: Use to flavor soups and stews.

Cayenne: Oh so hot!  Remember a little goes a long way!
Use it in rice, soup, stew, meats, chili, pastas, and salad dressings!

Chives: Use in salads, soups, with pasta, bread and more!

Cilantro: Great in salsa! Also mix it with sweet onion and olive oil and sea salt for a great condiment.

Cinnamon: Use it to make cookies, cakes, rice pudding, granola and apple pie!  Sprinkle it on your oatmeal, and toast!  You can even use it to season lamb!

Cloves: Use to flavor meats, or use in baked goods.

Coriander: Coriander is actually the seed of the cilantro plant!!!  It is used in Indian dishes and can be used in soup, lentils, beans, onions, potatoes, and chili.

Cumin: Use for a Costa Rican, Mexican, Indian, or Middle Eastern flavor!
Use on rice, beans, or on meats.

Dill: Use it to make your own pickles!
Use it on salad, in dressing, and with potatoes.

Garlic: The king of herbs.  Use in pasta, condiments, salad dressing, and practically any savory dish!

Ginger: Use in Asian dishes, in salad dressing, sauces, on chicken, and of course in ginger cookies!!

Horseradish: Make horseradish sauce, or use a teaspoon in salad dressing.  Use it in sanwhiches, eggs and salsa.  You can even use it in hummus!

Leeks: They look like huge green onions, and they are great used to flavor soup.  They can also be lightly steamed, eaten fresh in a salad or used in pasta, beans, quiche, or fish.

Mint: Great for digestion!  Use to make iced tea!  Use in salads, or in combination with basil and cilantro for a zap of flavor!

Nutmeg: Use in sausages, meats, soups, and preserves.  Don't forget to use it for your Christmas baking!

Onion: Onion is used to make so many foods tasty and nutritious!  Use it in soups, breads, sauce, casseroles, pasta, and on meats!

Oregano: Good for all variety of foods
Great in salad dressing!

Paprika: This one adds a spark of color to your dishes.  Use it on pasta, rice, soup, and meats.  

Parsley: Use parsley in pasta, soup, sauces, dips, salad dressings, and meats!

Pepper: Use on mashed potatoes, salad dressing, meat...anything you like.

Red Chili Peppers: Use to flavor all your Mexican dishes!

Rosemary: Use in rice, on chicken, in casseroles, soups, stews, and rolls.

Sage: Use to make savory roast chicken, rice, soup, sausage, and of course Thanksgiving stuffing!

Tarragon: Use to flavor seafood, eggs, sauces, fruits, poultry, and most vegetables.

Thyme: Use in meats, sauces, gravy, beans, eggs, and vegetables.

Turmeric: A wonderful anti-inflammatory spice!  Use it on chicken and rice!

This is just a small sampling of the endless array of uses for spices and herbs!
Use them to add zing to your life!

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