Becoming an Herb Girl

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It was all so new and exciting!
I had stepped through the door of knowledge and into the wonderful, almost magical world of herbs.  I made my first large herb orders online.  I tried my hand at making my own Bentonite clay toothpaste that remineralizes teeth.  My little sister's teeth showed improvement! My herbs started helping people.  There is nothing like seeing success to motivate you!  I learned from those who were knowledgable and enthusiastic using herbs.  I experimented making  lip balms, salves, hairspray...I implemented herbs into my cooking. I was seeing their benefits and they tasted so good.  Herbs were cool!
They could do so much!
Prior to this, our family had gotten really sick but now I was learning natural ways to prevent and treat sickness!  
Okay, so it isn't always super fun for those sick (memories of lining up siblings under towels for mullein steam inhalations) but it worked to help heal them.  Smile
I got excited about herbs, about natural, healthy living.  I was hooked.
Once you enter the world of healthy sustainable living you never stop learning!  There is always something new to discover!  
That said, I want to share with you some wonderful resources to get you going on your own exciting adventure to vibrant living!

~Shoshanna's Kitchen You Tube videos
~Making Herbs Simple Volumes 1 and 2 (DVD's) by Shoshanna Easling

~Nourishing Tradition by Sally Fallon

~Don't forget to haunt online herb store websites (this is free) to learn about herbs and how to use them!

~Nutritional Herbology by Mark Pedersen

~The Green Pharmacy and The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook by James A. Duke, Ph.D.

~Cancer- Step Outside The Box by TY Bollinger

~The Nourishing Traditions Book Of Baby And Childcare by Sally Fallon

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