Squash Flowers for Supper

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It's true!
You can eat the male flowers of your squash plants!  Did you know that squashes have male and female flowers?  The males flowers have longer stems and a stamen in the middle of the flowers.  The female flowers have a little bulge at their base.  That is where the squash will develop.  
Squash flowers can come at a very high price of $1 each at markets.  
You can use squash flowers in salads and you can also stuff the flowers with cheese and breadcrumbs.
Cut the blossom off of the vine directly behind the flower head. Remember to leave some of the male flowers on your plants so that the bees can pollinate the female flowers and produce squash for you!
Also, pinch out the stamen from the flower before using in recipes. Use flowers within 24 hours of harvest.
Below is a quick link to a squash flower salad

You can also eat rose, chive, lavender arugula, basil, okra, nasturtiums, lilac, radish, and dandelion flowers!

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