Making Memories

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What a sweet time of life.  The time when children are young and impressionable, eager to have a part in harvesting pumpkins, potatoes and green beans.  Today it was rainy but I still needed some produce from my garden so Ben held the umbrella while I searched for veggies. He left the umbrella with me for a moment to get a couple of peppermint leaves.  Coming back, he handed one to me, and there we squatted under the umbrella, chewing on our peppermint, next to the green bean patch. Yeah, life is sweet.

Kids gain confidence as they learn skills.  They love to be a part of the action.  Watching Daniel make bread is so fun!  He makes roads and tells stories... It is definitely the guy way of making bread!  Time is really so short and sometimes making the most of it, means making memories.

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