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What are GMO's anyway?
They are genetically modified organisms.  That means that someone has messed with the DNA code of the organism.  It's hard to believe but scientists can forcefully insert a foreign gene from an animal or plant into the genetic code of another plant.  It is a wholly unnatural process and poses real health threats for us ( the population that eats these genetically modified foods).  Unfortunately GMO's are present in 70% of the food we buy at the stores!  
GMO's are present in dairy, meat, practically everything we eat!  Below is the link to the article that first raised our awareness as to GMO's.
It changed our lives.

So what can we do?
Well, learning to be a wise shopper is one thing, and growing some of your own non-GM veggies is another.
Eating Organic helps you to avoid GMO's.  
You can also download this Non GMO project app for your phone to help you shop safely.

Here is a list of the big GMO's to avoid:
Sugar beets
Yellow squash
Hawaiian papaya

They keep working on new GMO foods, like rice, so stay informed on the latest research on the web. Take charge of your health.
Things are not as simple and easy when the food supply is so messed up but by becoming informed shoppers we are taking a big step toward being healthy and strong!

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