Honey, My Dear

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Did you know that it takes the work of thirty-six bees to make one tablespoon of honey?!
Not only is raw honey so totally good tasting, it is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals!  
There was a test done with two groups of boys.  They all ate the same food, had the same activities, and rest, but one group was given 2 tablespoons of honey a day, the other group wasn't.
By the end of one year the boys eating the honey had an overall increase in vitality, energy, and healthy appearance!
There is a real difference between honey that's been heated, like most kinds you find at the grocery stores, and RAW honey.  Oh yeah!  Not only does the raw stuff taste better, but the heated stuff is toxic to our bodies, and doesn't nourish life like the raw honey.  You can find the good stuff at health food stores.
You can even make chocolates with raw honey instead of sugar. That's a real treat!  You can also make your own healthy salad dressing with it!  Here is a quick recipe for Honey Cayenne dressing to get you started.
Now of coarse don't go hog wild with honey.  Use it sparingly and wisely!  If you have an overgrowth of candida or are trying to heal your gut, you may need to get off even raw honey and use stevia instead!
Did you know that Manuka honey ( a medicinal honey  also found in health stores) can be applied to a scorpion sting
to take away the venom and pain?  Well now you do!  And you can impress your kids with the knowledge and get healthier all at the same time!

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