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It takes 200 crocus flowers to produce 1 gram of saffron!

The banana-berry
You won't believe this but the banana tree is actually giant herb.  The banana is its berry!

Hungarian peasants used white cabbage leaf poultices to relieve arthritis pain!

Many island cultures found that eating fresh pineapple greatly affected arthritis.  The pineapple enzyme bromelain
lessened the pain of swelling in soft tissue.

To lift droopy eyes, French women would apply chamomile compresses.

An old remedy:
Sometimes in Macedonia, villagers needed something for allergy relief at certain times of the year, so they would eat a clove of garlic every 6 hours during the day.

The ancient Romans credited 61 remedies to the anise plant.

During World War I the diluted juice of garlic was used on wounds keeping them from having septic results.  Consequently, garlic saved the lives of tens of thousands.

Herbs are healing, delicious, savory, sweet...versatile!
They add flavor and depth to dishes, have saved countless lives, and help us today to conquer everyday illnesses and disease!  They are God's healing gift to us!  Did you know that even though antibiotics don't work for the super-bugs we've created, garlic still does!  I started applying natural herbal remedies to family ailments and found that they are good stuff!  I learned little by little.  I got excited about herbs!!
I made herbal hairspray, salves, used herbs for cooking and remedies.
I became an herb girl!
I want to share with you some of the amazing properties of herbs that delight taste-buds, and bring healing!

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