Opening the Door to Knowledge

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We all live on this green and blue marble that we call home.
Earth is full of wonderful natural resources.  Wondering, studying, and applying what we learn helps us to use those resources wisely.
It's so easy to get stuck in a learning rut, we get used to buying over the counter meds, getting our shots, eating whatever...until we notice the side affects.
Then we wonder, could there be another way?  A better way?
We start to ask questions.
Soon we have even more questions then ever, and more answers.
We realize that the world is at our fingertips.
And that the learning process will never stop.
It is a thrilling way to live.
Stepping through the door of knowledge is an awesome step.
A simple step.
If you are interested in learning more, and living more healthfully with renewed energy and zest, then start with the step of learning something new!

A great way to start is by learning about herbs and their very helpful uses!
My friend Candace Carroll has written a book that introduces the reader to the wonderful world of herbs, informing the reader of their history, and uses!  She takes the beginner by the hand and shares the amazing aspects of the plants around us.
Do you want to learn more?
Is your child an aspiring herbalist?
Than this is the place to start!
I am including the Amazon book link below for easy access.
Cheers to a wonderful new life of learning and living!!!!!




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