The Many Wonders of the Modern Herb

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Herbs are God's gift to us.  They heal, restore, and invigorate.  
Curucumin is used to help heal a leaky gut.  Where does curucumin come from?  The tumeric spice!  There are hundreds of studies that show the value of curucumin in turning off messages of inflammation and in healing the intestines!  
And talk about invigorating, cayenne pepper gets our circulation going and helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.  
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  All too often we wait until we are very sick and can't function, to treat the problem and of course by then the disease is wreaking havoc on our bodies.  If we keep up a healthy body by getting our gut healthy, eating a clean diet, and getting our exercise, and rest, we can avoid a lot of drama.  
We all like ginger cookies right?  Well ginger as we know is very useful because it reduces nausea in pregnancy, but did you know there was a man who cured his cancer with ginger!  I call that success!
Pau D'Arco has become a standard form of treatment for some cancers and for infections in hospitals in Brazil and Argentina.  Wow!
Herbs do really work today!

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